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is in the details

Stunning Design
Dual-curved Metallic Back Cover

With the accurately engraved dual-curved metallic back cover, the Neffos X1 series introduces a whole new dimension to smartphone design. The degree of curvature was modified hundreds of times to strike the balance between “dynamic” and “gentle” . This makes handling the back feel natural, so that the device will perfectly fit in the palm of your hand.

2.75mm Extremely Narrow Edges 0.6mm Ultra-slim Chamfer

The Neffos X1 series excels in thinness with extremely narrow edges of up to only 2.75 millimeter. A 0.6-millimeter ultra-slim chamfer makes the Neffos X1 series even more exquisite and stylish thanks to the CNC technique. It’s an enjoyable experience holding the Neffos X1 series in your hand.

X1 2.95mm | X1 Max 2.75 mm
Mute Button / Power Button

The adoption of mute button enables you to mute all sounds easily
under any circumstance. Different techniques are used to make the
surface of each button fit its usage. You can not only use the function
easily, but also feel the metal that has been carefully carved.

Perfect Position

The fingerprint sensor is placed in the
perfect position at the back, where your
forefinger naturally rests every time you hold
the smartphone. Unlocking the phone becomes effortless.


The microphone and the speaker are arranged symmetrically for an extremely balanced look.


    Rear Camera


    Sony Sensor




    Front Camera
    with Real-time Beautify Mode

    Shooting Modes
Life Details Are All In

The Neffos X1 is equipped with a 13MP rear camera powered by the Sony IMX258 sensor for exceptional image quality.


Thanks to the 0.2s phase-detection autofocus you will never miss any moment in life.

Real-time Night Shooting

Real-time night shooting function is available for when you
need to see what you are about to capture at night. Think of
the phone display as your night-vision goggles.

Real-time Beautify Mode

The real-time function has crossed over to the Neffos X1 series’
5MP front camera. The perfect selfie is just one press away.

Bigger Screen Better Experience

The Neffos X1 is equipped with a 5-inch HD screen while the Neffos X1 Max is equipped with a 5.5-inch FHD screen.The full in-cell screen of the Neffos X1 series, combined with its 2.5D glass, provides you with a new visual dimension that is brighter, sharper and more defined than ever before. Also, the TDDI technology greatly improves touch sensitivity for better user experience.


    High Screen-to-body Ratio

    Full in-cell





Ultra-fast Fingerprint Unlock

It just takes 0.2 seconds to unlock the Neffos X1 series thanks to the sensor’s sophisticated algorithms. The more you unlock your smartphone, the more accurate and faster it gets.

Fast Charging

Get ready to explore the world without a power bank. With fast charging on the Neffos X1 Max, it takes only 30 minutes to achieve a 50% charge.

30min 50%

Charging time

Powerful Performance

With Helio P10 octa-core processor that delivers powerful performance and low power consumption,
the Neffos X1 series provides you with a smoother and faster user experience.
A variety of memory options are also available for the Neffos X1 series.

    • Neffos X1

    • 2GB | 16GB

    • 3GB | 32GB

    • Neffos X1 Max

    • 3GB | 32GB

    • 4GB | 64GB